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MMO Consultancy

Are you not willing to share your license with us or another publisher? Do you wish to publish your game yourself but you don’t know where to start or have some question marks? Stop worrying! We will find solutions to them all!

We can help for publishing!

Though there are many developers out there with enough financial power to expand to foreign markets, some obstacles, such as cultural differences or lacking an experienced operation team, prevent them to take the necessary steps to proceed. Furthermore, developers tend to avoid taking the risk of getting into a market they are not truly familiar with.

Publishers often encounter even more serious problems during testings. Issues such as connecting to servers or making solution-oriented connections between Far East Asia, Turkey and Europe require a significant amount of experience and expertise. Besides, constant delays and disconnections during testings make things even more difficult, especially when your hosts are located in Far East Asia. Since most beta releases are usually in Chinese, Korean or Japanese, the language barrier becomes another problem for testers. Another issue is that developers and testers have to arrange a mutual time to test the game simultaneously, while an English speaking team must stay connected throughout the process to explain the functions of the game until all the question marks have been eliminated. Frankly speaking, we have never seen a company that can provide such assistance. Most companies just can not go beyond the typical ”If you have any problems, please contact us” cliche and usually come short when it comes to finding solutions. This is exactly where we come into play! If you are planning to get into foreign markets, we are ready to help.



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Whatsapp : +905305815363

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