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Localization & QA

Localization is a make-or-break thing and it’s never easy. Game localization requires even more professionalism. Working with localization companies who have never managed or published a game, or out of touch with game terminology and pricing their work out of excel word count is never a good idea and always yields bad results.

We can help for localization!

Translation of a game must fit in the culture of the targeted country and we call this rule ”culturalization” (you can give it another name if you like). Some special terms in a game should never be translated and they are just put the way they are. The localization team is supposed to play the demo and read the story of the game, if there is any, before they start to work on the game. We never begin the localization process without laying the groundwork and testing the game first. However, we refuse to work on projects without a playable demo version or documentation that outlines the story of the game. After all, we aren’t a ”translation company”, right?

QA is an essential process and should never be looked away. We have some difficulties while testing our games, too. Once you get too familiar with the game, sometimes even the most obvious problems could go unnoticed. For instance, our CEO once decided to take over the QA process himself with the premise that he would show the QA team how the job was supposed to be done, but the end result was nothing but a sheer disappointment. When you log in a game 10 times a day and become familiar with every detail of it, QA becomes so difficult. That’s why we have created a separate QA team to get our games tested. You can be sure that once we start to QA your game, we will be checking out every single option in the menu and every single detail of gameplay, and you will end up drowning in our QA reports at the end of the day.


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