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This is where we are most ambitious! When we have a team that has worked in all areas of the gaming industry for 20 years and has published more than 25 games, we can’t be too modest about game publishing!

We can publish your games

Once we started developing games within ourselves, we got a better understanding of the importance of publishing. All that work, spend millions and develop a game, and then give the publisher the key to success! He doesn’t keep his promises, he doesn’t advertise, he makes mistakes in the operation, he fails for retention! Is that gonna happen? Of course not!

Work or do not work with us our advice to you: even don’t drink coffee with companies that have not seen the bottom and the top in publishing life, not developed at least 2-3 games, having a team not grown in the kitchen of this business!

Licensing games is like getting married. If there is no firm union between the producer and the publisher, that marriage, unfortunately, ends in a short time. We, as Ntroy, have been involved in the projects of the games that have made $ 10 turnover and we have been involved in the projects of the games that have made million dollars turnovers.

Let’s move forward together in the growing Turkey and MENA market. We promise you that we will have no problems in this marriage!



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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