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We have software developers and product managers who are proficient in Unity and Unreal game engines, who have worked in different projects in the online game industry for years.

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You can publish the games we have developed in your region or work with us for project-based game software.

Lets Develop For You

We design the games first in our minds, we exchange ideas during coffee-tea breaks, we project after the classic “This is my idea, no! Mine is better” “it’s couldn’t be like this, it should be like that” fights and then we start to develop into 2-week sprints! With 2D-3D artists, illustrators, server and client-side experienced software developers in our company, as well as 18 March University Motion Capture studio, it becomes a little easier for us to implement the games we dream about.

Of course, we should not forget the product manager following all these processes, the Scrum Master who overwhelms the team for 15 minutes every day with questions like, “What did you eat today, what did you drink, is there a situation that prevents the pleasure of coffee?” and general manager saying make overtime work, come on weekends, if necessary, do not leave the office and sleep here.”

If you have a game project that you want to implement or have no idea, you can contact us if you just want to make a game to increase your company’s brand awareness, but you don’t know how it should be. We can come up with hundreds of ideas and present them to you!



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Whatsapp : +905305815363

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