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To perfection in every step

After 25 different games published with 15+ years of experience in the game industry, our "Kumkuat Games" adventure began...

The pages of “our vision” and “our mission” are of no importance to us. We can’t use fancy words and trick our investors and partners with whom we have developed a business.

We have dreams, and we work hard, day and night, to achieve those dreams. We have a team that thinks fast, makes quick decisions and can take immediate action. We have a team that can call each other at three o’clock in the morning and say, “what if we put this in the game?”

We love the game industry. Our CEO celebrated his 15th anniversary in the game industry this year. We love the game industry so much that we want to reach players from anywhere. In this direction, we turned the food sector into the game and made investments in the entertainment sector.

As Kumkuat Games we are just the beginning of the road. We have a long road ahead of us, and it’s full of bumps. We are rising at the moment but there will surely be times in the future when we pause and even decline. But we’re not afraid of that because we’ve gained experiences that brought us these points which can’t be bought with the money. We worked in a lot of companies, we published over 25 games, we had failed attempts before; we lost and we won. So we don’t demoralize easily!

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