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We aren’t well-known across the world for now. Maybe we can’t even be counted as pawns in this colossal game sector yet. However, we will surely start off as pawns to quickly step up our game to be the queen and finish the game with a checkmate over the course of our ‘’Age Of Cards’’ series and Football Mates!

                  Story  behind us   

We’re a bunch of crazy but fun, emotional but ambitious team. Some of us are football fans, some of us are film fans. Some of us have a sore in hands due to playing games in spare time, and some of us due to shifting right-to-left on Tinder. Everybody has unique characteristics that from the outside you can say, “what the hell, they’ve recruited all the deranged people into one company.” There those who cry out “Oley the sprint is over” and those who say “I loved this sprint so much now I will miss it so much.” We make huge mistakes from time to time in company management, in game projects, in bilateral relations, and we are not afraid to make mistakes. Our only fear is not to learn “not to make the same mistakes” and failure to take lessons.

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Age Of Cards

Strategy / Card Game / MMO

Ra’s Chess is a strategic turn based chess-card game for online multiplayer between two players. Despite being easy to learn it is complex and includes deep strategy.

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Feed the Cat
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Football Mates

Sports / Football / Casual

Create/Join a football club and play with your mates! A brand new adventure soccer game is waiting for you. Football Mates will release end of 2023.

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Dark Sleep

Room Survival / MMO

Dark Sleep is a free-to-play online room survival game. In our game with the motto "If you sleep, you die", 8 players will be in their rooms in a castle and try not to sleep, 3 monsters will attack them.

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Working in Kumkuat Games

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About Us

20 years of experience in game publishing, 3 years of experience in game development. Would you like to learn more about us?


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Do you want to contact with us? Even we work or we dont work we can drink a coffee together :) 

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